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The performances I make are somewhat like a live-film, where each scene is a multi-layered hybrid of virtual footage, video installations and physical theatre stage performance. My resources are Movement and Action, as ‘first languages’.


ScreenStage Performance is an intermedial form and practice, in which I intend to hybridize virtual and live images into a hybrid concept by physical action. It is an interactive and reflective communication system, interplaying genres and art forms, spaces and human actions – live and virtual.


The interplay between the live and the virtual creates a non-realistic, yet very humane experience, which implies the dissolution of boundaries between memories, dreams and what we perceive as reality, or as fiction.


The audience is engaged in multi-perspectives. The technology and the projections are inherent to the physical human action, so that they become inseparable.





The title of my current artistic-academic project reflects my attempt to activate and extend my perception, to provoke meta-awareness and engage with insight into the ways we experience,

and the ways we act and make choices. 


My ScreenStage practice is an interdisciplinary, intermedial and multicultural collaboration between artists, audiences, decision makers and entrepreneurs that share a visionary action in the field of human communication of our time; I seek to create new possibilities to connect man and technology in ways that leverage growth and free choice, over a mindless servitude.

  'People who live by the sea no longer hear the waves'

  (Shklovsky, Art as Technique, 1917)


Activating perception in ScreenStage practice

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