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Videographer & editor: DVAASH, Re-editing: Sharon Reshef Armony, Music: Liebeslied by Howard Skempton 

Sharon Reshef Armony was a member of RikudNetto dance group under choreographer and manager, Ms. Tirza Sapir in the years 1991-2011. The group was a part of the School for Advanced Studies of the Kibbutzim College in Tel Aviv, and of the Israeli Choreographers Association Tel Aviv. This dance and research group was a frame for creative practice, dance notation and documentation, and development of teaching strategies within Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation (EWMN).


In this framework Sharon was a dancer, researcher, teacher, notator and a lecturer in various academic international and Israeli frameworks. She also arranged and co-directed some of the performances for RikudNetto dance group, with choreographer Tirza Sapir. Among others, the International Exposure Festival TLV 2009-2010; Maholohet Summerdance 2010; and OdeonTanz3 Festival Vienna, Austria, 2011.



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RikudNetto Dance Group

Choreographer, founder, manager: Tirza Sapir


Sharon's activity in RikudNetto

1991-2011 Performer, notator, researcher, teacher

2008-2011 Performances co-director

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