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FOUR SEASON a ScreenStage Poem

 Documentation: Tim BergmanTrailer: Juan Enrique Villarreal


Concept, maker, director: Sharon Reshef Armony 

Performers: Agata Jędrzejczak, Tomer Zirkilevich, Juan Enrique Villarreal

Videographer & editor: Juan Enrique Villarreal

Artistic advisor: Tomer Zirkilevich

Voice-over: Búi Rouch


Music: Goldmund; Threnody / Goldmund; Winter of 1539-1540 / JS Bach: Concerto in F minor, BWV1056 / J.S. Bach; Eye in the Sky / Alan Parson; The Bear and the Buffalo / CocoRosie


HIER=JETZT 2019 Dance Festival and Open Space

April 17 – May 05, 2019

Premiered: May 03, 2019

Schwere Reiter Theatre, Munich, Germany 

Artistic directors: Johanna Richter and Birgitta Trommler

Lighting & video installation technician: Rainer Ludwig

Video Documentation: Tim Bergman, Maayan Armony

Photography: Mehmet Vanil

HIER=JETZT 2019 was sponsored by the City of Munich and cooperates with the

Tanztendenz München.e.V.; and by the Bavarian Union of contemporary dance (BLZT)

FOUR SEASONS is a five-chapter non-story; a sensuous expression of two characters, each tells his/her story, imagined through the metaphor of the circular and ever-changing sensation of time. The performers' inner-states and insights are represented by intermedial particular hybrid concepts that provoke the way we see, perceive, and project our states of being. 

Although the two performers of the show never actually interact, their coexistence in the same time-space provides a context and complexes the plot.

SEASONS has been invented and explored within practice laboratories, residencies and collaborations: AST Bytom, Poland & MA Academy Katowice, Poland; Dance-SMKB Tel Aviv



A new version - SEASONS - will be reimagined and restaged on September 2022 in London.

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