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The LIFT a ScreenStage Site Specific

Trailer: Sarai Caprile

The LIFT – a site specific ScreenStage performance

At these times, we are awakened, alert. We are aware of our physical encounters and our own states of being. Virtual & live spaces perceptually interact. Our very perceptions of being together and our ways of being present, are changing and being challenged. Nothing can be taken for granted. How we negotiate such changing perceptions in the coexistence of the virtual projected phenomena with the live presence in the present, is core to the experience of this performance. 

The LIFT is a ScreenStage performance, where the spectator travels in a public lift and surrounds with the performers: A man. A woman. A filmmaker. The spectator is a voyager and a voyeur in a time-space of a live performance extended by virtual spaces. Metaphorically speaking, a 'dreamer's point of view.' A private experience in a social context.

Conceiver and director: Sharon Reshef Armony
Filmmaker: Sarai Caprile
Creative performers: Marcelina Jasińska, Bryan Carvalho, Joe Grisdale
Video installation technician: Joe Jackson
Crew: Kris Watson, Mark Huxley, Mikkel Svak, Mike McGlone, Lauren Patman
Supervision: Vida Midgelow, Paul Cobley

Production: Bruce Allen


Support by Art Spaces Katowice Poland | Middlesex university London UK

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